2012 Carnival

Greetings to One and All!

Planning for the 2012 Carnival is ongoing. The theme this year is "In the Jungle" and marks St. Charles Borromeo's year after the Golden Jubilee. Our goal this year is for everyone to have more fun then ever before.

As always, the carnival only works with the volunteers that make it all happen. Two specific calls we issue this year are for chair people for ride tickets during the week of Carnival (this job requires someone to handle tickets and money all during the open hours of Carnival) and for Chair people for the funnel cake (this job requires someone to handle the operation of the funnel cake stand). We hope to find 2 Co-Chair Couples to split the work load of each position. Please let us know if you can handle it.

Another area that we could really use help is during Construction and De-Constriction.  We start to build the Carnival in Mid-May and it usually takes us till the first week in July for De-Construction. 

We can be contacted via e-mail: renee@independentimaging.org. Volunteer forms can be filled out and sent to us, please just look under the heading Volunteers at the top of the site, or click here.

Have a wonderful year and hope to see you at the Carnival.

John and Renee Walsh

2012 Carnival Chairs