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The St. Charles Borromeo carnival is an annual event in early to mid June (this year June 10 through 15, 2019).

This carnival is one of the main revenue sources for the Saint Charles Church and the St. Charles School religious education programs. This is not only a wonderful place to have a good time playing games, winning prizes, riding rides, and eating great food, but this annual event is also a perfect time to serve those around you. You would be surprised that you can have as much (most likely even more) fun than you would attending the carnival. If you are interested in giving back, you can volunteer by clicking here.

This year, we are proud to announce the new chairs, Brian & Christy Fitzpatrick and family and their theme, "Knights of the Carnival." 


The Saint Charles Carnival will be held on the St. Charles grounds every night starting at 6 pm and continuing until 11 all carnival week (June 10 through 15, 2019).  

St. Charles is located at 2500 Branch Pike (the intersection of Branch Pike and Pomona Road) in Cinnaminson, NJ. For your convenience, we placed a map on this page.

Please note: backpacks are prohibited on carnival grounds. This rule will be strictly enforced to ensure the safety of all patrons and volunteers.