St. Charles Borromeo Carnival

2500 Branch Pike, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

June 8 through 13, 2020

Nightly 6-11 pm

Advanced Ride Tickets for 2019

Advance Ride Tickets for the Annual Carnival will go on sale starting the weekend of May 17th and will be sold at a discounted rate. This is a $25 value for only $10 and will be available until around 3 pm on June 10 or until sold out. Tickets will be sold after mass on Saturday evening and after the masses on Sunday. Tickets can also be purchased during business hours at the following locations:

  • In Cinnaminson: Shop Rite, Zio’s Tuscan Grille, Networks Plus, Cinnamon Sticks, Harker’s Flowers, Cinnaminson Bagel Cafe, SCB Rectory and SCB School, SCB Church after masses

  • In Palmyra: Manny’s Pizzeria, Farm Fresh Market, Roger’s News and Tony’s Barber shop

  • In Delran: Throwback’s

  • In Moorestown: Bacio Catering and Marketplace

  • In Riverton: Beneficial Bank

Wristband Night & Kiddie Carnival

Are you looking for more information around wristband night, kiddie carnival, nighly entertainment, rotating food specials, and more?

Visit our Nighly Schedule page.

Interactive Map Beta

We are still finishing our planning for carnival 2020. However to make it easier to find what you are looking for, here is a sample of what we are planning.

None of the prices, rides, tickets, menus, or locations are finalized for 2020. Please come back to the SCB Carnival website closer to the event for final details. All menus, rates, requirements, locations, vendors, and attractions are subject to change without notice.

Click on a point or view the table below for an interactive map. You can also search for common terms and menu items in the search box to see where it may be available.