Carnival Blog

2013 Carnival


We are actively planning and getting ready for Carnival 2013. The theme this year is "There's No Place Like Carnival". Our goal this year is for everyone to have more fun then ever before.

We are looking for a few good people to step up and be the Chairperson (recruit and schedule volunteers) for the following:

  • Fat Cat Game
  • Shoot out the Star Game
  • Speed Pitch Game
  • Hourly 50/50 (Co-Chairperson)
  • Funnel Cake (Co-Chairperson)
  • Ride Ticket Sales during Carnival hours
  • Deliver Water to the Volunteers during Carnival hours
  • Trash Pickup during Carnival hours
  • Toto Photo Contest (Dog photo contest)

If you are interested, please Contact Alan Bacho:

We also need many volunteers to make our Carnival a success. To volunteer, click here.

Additionally, we have a special need in the beer bar opening clams during Carnival week. If you are able to help please email:

We are introducing a new feature this year called Toto Foto. You can submit a photo of your dog to a Toto look-alike contest which will be judged carnival week. Please note that you enter via a photo and you cannot bring pets to the carnival grounds.

Lastly, please be advised that backpacks are prohibited on carnival grounds. This rule will be strictly enforced to ensure the safety of all patrons and volunteers.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you this year!

The Walsh Family