Carnival Blog

Thanks for a Successful 2016 Carnival!

Thank you for making the 2016 carnival a success! Every volunteer and every patron was critical, so we thank you all. This year we had great weather, a fun time, and raised a lot of money for Catholic education. 

But there is still more to do! We are in the midst of deconstruction. If you can help, please come out on weeknights after 6pm or on weekends until the carnival is put away.

And now a note from our pastor:

Dear Friends in Christ,

Thank you everyone for another successful and fun-filled Carnival week! Congratulations to our chairpersons, Harry and Elaine Welsh, for their leadership. Thank you also to the chairpersons of the various committees and booths and to our hardworking volunteers! Great job and blessings to you all as we look forward to next year. 

Tony and Gerrie Koszarek will be our next chaircouple. Please pencil the dates in your calendars for next year: June 12-17, 2017. Here is looking forward to another community-building, unifying and strengthening event!

Vacation Bible School starts on Monday, June 27th until Thursday, June 30th. Thank you to Pat Hafner and our dedicated catechists for making this possible. 

Have a safe and blessed weekend. God loves you all as I do!

Fr. PJ