Games Chairpersons Needed

The Carnival is specifically in need of an individual or couples to chair one of the following game booths:

1.     ABC Blocks - Throw Bean Bag at 3 Blocks - Have to knock them off the stand to win - 18 years old to handle money

Number of Volunteers Required:  2 good - 1 minimum 3 maximum 

2.     Bowler Roller - Roll bowling ball on track over first hump and try to get it to stop between the first and second hump. Volunteer has to stop the ball before it hits the stopper in front of the player as it rolls back over the first hump. (keep players fingers safe) - 18 years old to handle money 

Number of Volunteers Required: Volunteers 2 good - 1 minimum (only use one track)  3 maximum 

3.     Derby Race - Roll golf balls into target holes to make the pigs race - Someone wins every time you play - larger prizes for more players - 18 years old to handle money 

Number of Volunteers Required: 3 good - 2 minimum 4 maximum 

4.     Golf Game - Hit golf balls up ramp into castle - Winner every time - No age restriction on who can handle money - best to have adult or responsible high school student at least to watch the swinging golf clubs.  

Number of Volunteers Required: 2  minimum   3 maximum 

 5.     Shuffleboard - Slide pucks on board to make bowling pins flip up – 18 years to handle money 

Number of Volunteers Required: 2 - 1 minimum -3 maximum 

Chairperson Duties:

Before Carnival:

·       Schedule volunteers to man the booth during carnival hours / two shifts 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm and 8:30 pm to 11:00 pm / Friday Kiddie Carnival 12 noon to 4:00 pm. As indicated above each booth has different number of volunteers needed to run efficiently. 

·       Collect t-shirt sizes for each volunteer – this information will be entered into Sign-Up Genius. (Volunteers get one shirt for the week no matter how many days or places they work).

·       Use the Signup Genius program - this will help fill gaps and remind people automatically what they signed up for during Carnival

·       Deliver T-shirts to volunteers (Some people put shirts in bags with the volunteers’ names on them in the booths so they have them to wear - others distribute them to the volunteers other ways)

·       Be sure there is coverage for each shift (If not covered the chairperson will have to cover the shift)  If you have all shifts covered you do not need to be there.

·       Communicate any problems with coverage or booth by contacting Alan Bacho 609-790-7196 Cell (Text or Call)